Thursday, 6 July 2017

summer books

I do this weird thing where I associate certain genres with certain seasons of the year. Autumn and Winter are Fantasy, Spring is Romance and Young Adult and Summer is Crime and Horror novels. While I'm sitting on the beach, enjoying the sun and trying to get my pale skin at least a tiny bit more tan, there's nothing I enjoy more than a good Crime novel. I've compiled a few of my favourite Summer chill inducing books for you (and a few extra ones for those who don't enjoy blood splatter and murder as much as I do) in this post.

N° 1, one of my favourite crime novel series (and also TV series! God, how I love Sasha Alexander):
Rizzoli & Isles by Tess Gerritsen. Tess Gerritsen, who studied and practised medicine before she started writing novels, first wrote medical thrillers. Her now probably best known series follows Boston based homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and pathologist Maura Isles, who together solve gruesome murders.
Up to now there are 10 books and seven seasons to the series. The TV series is great, too, but differs from the books quite a bit, so if you enjoyed one of them, it's not guaranteed you'd enjoy the other one too, but it's definitely worth a shot!

N°2: Do not read this if you're going on a cruise. It might ruin the fun a teeny tiny bit: Passenger 23 by Sebastian Fitzek. Did you know that every year about 23 people disappear on cruise ships? By the time someone notices a person is missing, the ship has moved too great a distance to search the water successfully. Years ago, the wife and son of police psychologist Martin Schwartz went missing on a cruise, until he receives a call from an old woman who claims to know what happened to his family.
This one definitely messes with your head, approach with caution!

N° 3, a book by the one and only, the master, the King of Horror. Christine by Stephen King: Arnie is  a loser. He doesn't have many friends, girls don't like him, his life is a bit of  a let down. When he buys a red Plymouth Fury called Christine, everything seems to change: he falls in love with a girl, he gains confidence, even his acne clears up. But Christine is more than just an old car, and apparently, she has a mind of her own.
My dad lend me this book one hot summer a few years ago. It was the first Stephen King novel I've ever read and it's still my favourite (if you don't count On Writing, which is basically my holy grail).

N° 4 is quite disturbing in it's own way: The Perfume by Patrick Süskind tells the story of Grenouille, a boy with an extraordinary sense of smell. Most smells disgust him, until he smells a young girl passing him on the street. He kills her to have her smell, but quickly notices it won't stay. He wants to learn more about perfume, so he can find another girl, just like the first one - but this time, he'll preserve her scent.
I've read this book in our garden in the sticky August heat, and I couldn't imagine a better place to do so - it's definitely a Summer book for me.

N° 5: infinitely praised, both as a book and as a movie. Captivating, filled with tension, brilliantly written: Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. The day Amy Elliot Dunne disappears changes everything for her husband. He's the main suspect in the case that builds up around Amazing Amy's disappearance. As he and the police discover new sides to Amy's personality the evidence tightens the rope around Nick's neck. But did he really do it?
Oh, how I loved this book. It's incredibly well written, and the mind games this book plays are amazing. Within pages you start to question everything you know about the case and Amy and Nick.

And now to the two non-crime/thriller books:

 N°6 really made me think about so many things. It's a wonderful book, and it definitely makes you question what and how you believe and whether or not it would be worth a shot to change your life a bit.
Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is an autobiography that gives exactly what it promises: Liz, who recently divorced her husband, decides to travel for a year, four months in Italy, four in India and four in Bali, to find her inner centre again.

N° 7 is as funny, heartwarming and cosy as you could want a book to be.
Pat has finished his time in a psychological treatment facility and is now on a mission to win his wife Nikki back. On his first evening out, he meets his best friend's sister-in-law Tiffany, who is depressed, widowed and just a teeny tiny bit crazy. She promises to help him get Nikkis love back if he helps her win a dancing competition.

I hope you enjoy those books as much as I did! Please tell me if you have read any of those or plan on reading them. On that note, have a great summer!

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