Monday, 4 April 2016

intertwining fingers

 I went outside on Friday because the weather was so lovely. It hasn't been that hot in a while, so I took the opportunity and a few photos. I noticed that our corkscrew willow already had buds, and then I noticed how the branches intertwined and I started thinking about humans.
Humans love to intertwine. Their lives, their thoughts, their fingers. I'm happiest when I can intertwine my fingers with my friend's and my thoughts with theirs. When I can curl myself around someone and share thoughts, snippets of moments, laughter. I'm not the only one who thinks that way; my friends love to intertwine, too. Fingers and hair, arms, everything. Pretty sure my friend group isn't the only one that's constantly intertwining. But why do humans do that? Why do humans intertwine? Is it the sense of security feeling somebody's skin on yours gives us? Is it the reassurance of knowing somebody is as insecure as you are, worries about the same things, relies on the same beliefs? 

Humans love to intertwine, whether it's in private or in public, in museums, at concerts, at home on the sofa, whether it's with other humans or animals or with ideas. We intertwine ourselves, our thoughts with things we think will protect us, guide us, inspire us and comfort us. We intertwine all the time, with everybody and everything, even if it's only our thoughts with their image in our heads. We need the contact with the whole world to be who we are; the only thing that really defines us is how we act around other people. Not our thoughts, not our wishes and dreams, what defines us is how we treat others. How we intertwine with them, how we make them feel. It's kinda magical, when you think about it. Simply by sharing thoughts, words, actions with people you can make them feel things, you touch their lives everyday simply by existing. Even if you don't think you take a active part in their lives you can change so much. Even if you don't notice it, you've had so much influence on strangers, on people you've intertwined your life with, people that intertwined their lives with yours.
Man, the thoughts I have when I stare at trees ...

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