Tuesday, 10 May 2016

names and stories

I share my name with grand women. I share my name with great women, with brave women, with women who didn't give up to fight to get what they deserve. I share my name with rulers, with wise and kind women, with women who, somewhere on this planet, unrecognized, do things to make this earth a better place, without caring whether they will ever be thanked for it or not. I share my name with queens, writers, poets, actresses, politicians, artists, fighters - I share my name with women who did great things and who will do great things.
I recently realized that what I want is indeed the world - and I won't settle for less. I want the world, I want to see everything, know everything, love everything and I won't rest before I've achieved all of that. I want to read and travel and take photos and enjoy the beauty of this world. I want to help people, inspire them, change them. I want to be able to be a role model, I want to be strong and smart and kind. I want to make lives better, I want to gift love and be loved.
I share my name with five empresses, with forty-one queens, with six saints - I am more than just a little girl. I am a fighter, I am a warrior, and I will take what I deserve. This is why I file my nails sharp. This is why I paint them the colour of my enemy's blood I never got the chance to get my hands dirty on; because "girls are too fragile to fight". Because so many girls, real or not, didn't get their adventure, didn't get their Wonderland, their Neverland, their memories and fairies and thieves and pirates and stars. Neither did I.

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